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Tomi Westerholm posted Sep 24 '21 at 7:13 am

Hi, i'm woundering what the best way to create a cable is?

Currently i'm drawing my wires and then I have to enter every wire individually and assign the correct cable to it.

It can be quite alot of work depending on how many cables exist in the dropdown menu and how many wire's I have to assign.

Is there any way to create and a cable and have all wires appear on the drawing or something?

recent by radica  ·  Sep 27 '21 at 4:33 am

In my wiring diagram, there is no component called CON11.

However, when I generate reports, CON11 shows up in the Cross References report. This component also shows up in the BOM report.

I see CON11 in the Manage Components popup, which says it's located in /2.C9. When I look in that location, there is blank space. I've tried deleting the nearby components to see if CON11 was hidden under them. It's not.

I can't find CON11 anywhere! Why is it in the reports? Please advise


recent by radica  ·  Jul 30 '21 at 3:10 am

It would be nice to be able to increase (or decrease) a component's line size. I was able to do this in previous versions of Electra (E7) with one of the built in MS Visio options. I like to increase the components' line size so that the components on the print appear "bold" compared to the wires. This makes it easy to differentiate components from the wires when one looks at the print.

recent by radica  ·  Jul 23 '21 at 4:45 am

It would be very helpful to have the ability to create my own Database Category or a Favorites Category where it defaults ALWAYS to the top of the list! smile

This way I can specific part numbers that we use and have them easily organized. Some times I have specific parts that I can easily find without having to search through every single one to find that I accidently put it in the wrong Category.


recent by radica  ·  Jul 13 '21 at 1:55 am

If a 80 mm x 80 mm square is differenced by a 15mm x 15 mm the overall size is decreased to 79.2mm. Realistically, the size does not matter...its whenever the difference is function is used the final size is always affected. It is very bazar because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


  1. If I select the items with the click and drag square box.
  2. Do Difference. It doesn't work.
  3. With the same objects still selected, I use UNDO (Control + Z).
  4. I click and drag the square box again over those objects.
  5. Do Difference, and it works.

What is going on Radica!??!?



recent by radica  ·  Jul 12 '21 at 3:13 am

When Managing Databases is selected and a custom component is drawn and selected; the user created stencil will never resolve while getting the layout shapes size with the message "Generating layout shape's dimensions..."

The issue is reputable with no matter how complex or simple the drawing is. Possibly, I am doing something incorrect.



Work Around:
There is a work around, and this involves manually entering in the shapes NAME and DIMENSIONS into the Manage Components section. Once it is created there then it allows me to go back and reuse it. However, if there are chances to be made the Manage Databases area will reproduce the same error. Therefore, any changes made you will have to redo that stencil object over the entire drawing that use that particular layout. It is very time consuming to go back and have to redo it.

Please help resolve this!

recent by radica  ·  Jul 12 '21 at 3:10 am

Hi All,

I currently have a drawing which has a fuse terminal, however I have an issue where as the wire number before the fuse terminal is the same as after the fuse terminal. If I change the wire number before or after the terminal, the other changes with it. I need these numbers to be unique, if a modification were made to a panel, there is no distinguishable difference between an unfused supply and a fused supply.. Any suggestions?


recent by radica  ·  Jun 28 '21 at 11:37 am

Hi Guys,

Can I request a feature ( If not already available? )

Would it be possible to add a connector sub-menu with a set of accessories (i.e. pin part number, wire seal part number, seal plug part number for each cavity) that can be exported later in the electrical connections report or in a connectors report, please?

Many thanks in advance,

recent by radica  ·  Feb 19 '21 at 1:25 am

When exporting an Electrical Connections Report leading zeros are removed from the wire name. I wish to use 4-digit wire names and use the exported file to create labels. Is this a bug or a setting?

recent by radica  ·  Jun 30 '20 at 7:50 am

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